China dating scammers

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If he/she say that is not important and they just want to be at your side, well, it just may be your lucky day!If you come across a love fraud ring or any other scam that needs exposing, please drop the dime on them in confidence by sending an email to tips China Scam, or post a warning for others at

Fast forward two months later and Sherry came home sobbing one late night with the horrible news that her mother in Chongqing was diagnosed with cancer and she no medical insurance.Their target of choice – wealthy foreign executives. Our friend “Louis”, a rising VP from a large Canadian corporation, found her while searching the internet for a certain restaurant on The Her picture popped up in the margin with a caption “Looking for Mr.He pulled over to the side of the road and took the phone off the seat after the text messages would not cease.Louis was assigned to Beijing because of his fluency in Mandarin.

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