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In addition to naturalizing culture, this move overdetermines how ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ are coded.

For it fails to recognize that people who choose to go on a dating site will likely post photos of themselves that can be easily understood through sexualized stereotypes, which they may or may not perform in other on- and off-line contexts.

The study also mistakenly equates sexual orientation with sexual activity, even though people who have same-sex sex do not necessarily identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer.

And the study treats ‘transient’ facial features as if they are natural or ‘native’ to ‘gay culture’ and ‘straight culture’, rather than understanding them as performative acts that are highly dependent upon context.

It doesn’t, according to the FBI, US National Institute for Standards and Technology, and the US Department of Defense.

LGBTQ advocacy organizations immediately labeled the study ‘junk science’.

Social scientists will have little trouble understanding why.

Answer 4: Values Not only do we value these imaginaries.

We use these imaginaries to assign values to particular people and particular populations.

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