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The shutdown of both bars resulted in the first open protest against anti-gay action in Richmond.Leo Joseph Koury was a notorious figure in the Block community due to his monopoly on exploiting the gay community.The community had to move frequently to avoid pressure from local authorities.This area was also known for its hustlers and prostitution, but the police were more concerned with finding people participating in homosexual acts.Robert Gene Baldwin also owned this establishment, which was located at 3526 West Cary Street, and it faced a similar demise at the hands of the ABC board.Following Renee’s shutdown, Rathskeller’s was also closed the same month for serving gays.The school officials alerted the ABC board about a gay bar being so close to campus.

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Broad Street Station was located on West Broad and the USO on the northeast corner of Eighth and East Broad Street.From the 1940s till the late 1970s Richmond had an underground culture that thrived beneath vigilant eyes.The gay community had to build its own society in order to catch up on news, socialize, and hook up.The charges varied from serving beer to gays and minors to being a meeting place for homosexuals.On March 31, 1967, the ABC board revoked Eton’s liquor license and closed its doors.

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