Modern finnish dating practices

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Although he never faced any physical threats, he still felt ostracized and humiliated by some of his bullying peers.The remedy was to go to the university in Helsinki where he now feels much more accepted by gay and straight peers–especially his partner Tuomas with whom he has lived for two of their three years together.Some time later, Hilkka revealed that Timo’s lover of seven years had left him only a few days before, more than sufficient reason to be sullen and silent.Tuomas and Petri are the young-in-love couple, for three years now, and finally living together at the university for the past ten months.Strangers meeting for the first time (off line), we are collected together and feel an easy immediate camaraderie among us, induced I think in part by the prosperous and unrepressed culture that inhabits this Nordic land.I ask around the table about their first stirrings of gay feelings. 2008) It is evening in Cafe Maki in downtown Helsinki where we sit with our lesbian friend Hilkka and her close gay comrades around a few cups of brew, coffee and cola.

Crime in Finland is among the lowest is Europe and, expectedly, so is homophobia.

At the university there is a large lesbigay organization called OHO with it own website (see link).

Which describes itself as: ” The biggest, queerest and gayest bunch of sexually non-normative students at the University of Helsinki — that’s OHO!

A silent member of the group, Timo, has hardly spoken a word since we first sat down.

At first, I can hear that his English is not as fluent as the others so I didn’t point many questions at him.

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