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Josiah Byler, a sophomore at Armstrong State University said classes were cancelled on Oct. 17.“Above anything, returning to school will be a challenge because classes were canceled during midterms,” he said.

“At this point, no comments have been made as to whether or not the semester will be extended due to the evacuation and damage to the university’s campuses.”Byler and his family evacuated to Epworth where they stayed with extended family.

With the power not being on, [our mom] couldn’t charge her phone,” Mia said.

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“We have about ,000 worth of damage to the property, but the only things of sentimental value destroyed were the Christmas decorations.”Alex Wiggins, a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, said he is unsure if Savannah will ever feel the same way as it did before the storm, or if locals will have to adopt a new normal.Hundreds of thousands of Georgians fled affected areas in the state after Gov.Nathan Deal ordered mandatory evacuations in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.For those who evacuated, Wiggins posted on his Facebook page that he would go and check on anyone’s house in the downtown Savannah area.“Feel free to send me names and addresses and I will try and make a list of places to check out so that you have a peace of mind or to learn updates,” he said in a post.Wiggins received almost 20 requests from those unable to return home and almost 100 likes on his post.

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