Top chef season 2 dating

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As far as cheftestants go, Season Three's were a talented if not terribly colorful group.

Sweaty palookas Joey Paulino and Howie Kleinberg first fought, then learned to love; the otherwise competent Casey Thompson revealed that she was not very good at chopping onions.

Especially not on Bravo.) The season's charisma vacuum was mitigated somewhat by the comic geniality of Fabio Viviani. " which seemed absurd at first and ended up being awfully endearing. Season One – San Francisco The season that started it all was exciting at the time, but subsequent seasons have improved on the formula, with better production value and a relatively expressive host.

Meanwhile, one challenge was scrapped after a refrigerator malfunction — does it seem weird to anyone else that this show is supported by outrageous product placement from makers of kitchen equipment, yet said kitchen equipment is constantly breaking on air? (Apologies to Katie Lee Joel; sources suggest her emotion chip was faulty.) Among the cast, Tiffani Faison and her grating personality lasted for the entire season before finally being undone by Harold Dieterle, whose own personality was — how to say — non-existent.

Highlights: The hilarious weirdness of Angelo Sosa.

That one time during the Hilton challenge when Padma Lakshmi mentioned six individual corporate sponsors in one gerundial phrase. Season Two: Los Angeles 's sophomore season introduced Padma Lakshmi, who took over for Katie Lee Joel as host.

Obnoxious bald guys were a recurring trope of Season Five; winner Hosea Rosenberg distinguished himself not through his food but by cheating on his girlfriend, on camera, with the equally milquetoast Leah Cohen.

Original Episode # Prod # Air Date Titles _____ ______ ___________ ___________ ___________________________________________ Season 1 1.

Blais' protracted descent into neurotic self-loathing ("I hate everything I do").

Dale Talde and Tre Wilcox's hilariously stoic reactions to Marcel's "rapping." Muppets facing contestants who are in no kind of emotional condition to be cooking for Muppets. Season Six – Las Vegas After the talent shortage of Season Five, 's producers apparently realized they had to step up, bringing in some of the show's strongest competitors of any season.

And after the heavy hitters of Season Six, Season Seven saw a serious dearth of talent; it ended only months ago, and yet you can't remember the name of the guy who won, can you?

On the plus side, the producers finally wised up enough to replace the insufferable Toby Young, whose canned bon mots would have gotten him instantly booted from rimshot! Ripert may not be very quick with a quip, but he's a great chef, handsome, and a pleasantly French foil to Tom's bearlike charm.

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